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Venture into the eternal storm.


A castle whispered about in legends, abandoned and cursed, where specters of its former inhabitants roam, and where the price of hubris and arrogance hangs heavily in the air. Will you brave the chilling winds and unravel the curse or will you fall victim to the dark sorcery of Lord Protector Eadric Mourne?


Journey through the enigmatic Hallowed Valley and the haunting Ironblood Keep, where nature's fury and dark sorceries challenge your every move. Encounter ancient fae mysteries, face a power-hungry lord, and navigate a world where every roll of the dice alters your fate.

From battling the relentless elements in the wilds, deciphering the Ironblood Keep's eerie corridors, to confronting Lord Mourne in a  showdown of necromancy—this quest promises a great introduction into your homebrew setting.

The Fall of Ironblood Keep (Digital)

SKU: DC021
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