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Game Play Safety

Last Updated 10/17/23

To ensure a comfortable and inclusive role-playing environment, all Sundered Hold Scriptorium events implement the X Card and Lines & Veils safety tools. These tools are designed to help participants communicate boundaries and prevent potentially distressing situations.


X Card:

The X Card is a physical or digital card marked with an 'X' that a player can show or activate if they're uncomfortable with the current scene or topic.

1. How to Use:

  • If something in the game makes you uncomfortable, simply raise the X Card, tap it (in a physical setting), or send an 'X' message in a digital setting.


2. No Questions Asked:

  • When the X Card is used, the game pauses, and the problematic element is immediately removed or changed. No one is required to explain why they used the X Card, and no justification is needed.


3. Resuming Play:

  • The game's facilitator (GM) or players will navigate away from the content or scene in question and resume gameplay in a direction that respects the invoked X Card.


Lines & Veils:

Lines and Veils are pre-game tools for players to communicate boundaries regarding certain themes or scenarios.


1. Lines:

  • These are hard boundaries representing content players do NOT want to encounter in the game. If a player draws a "Line" on a particular topic, it means that topic will be completely excluded from the game.


2. Veils:

  • These are softer boundaries, representing content players are okay with being implied or occurring "off-screen" but do not want to role-play in detail. If a scenario approaches a "Veiled" topic, the GM will fade to black or gloss over the details.

3. Pre-Game Discussion:

  • Before gameplay begins, the GM will facilitate a discussion where players can establish their Lines and Veils. This can be done openly as a group or individually in private, depending on participant comfort.


4. Continuous Check-Ins:

  • The GM will periodically check in with players, especially when introducing potentially sensitive content, to ensure no player's Lines or Veils are unintentionally crossed.


General Guidelines:

  1. Respect: Always respect the use of the X Card or declared Lines and Veils. They are there to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

  2. Open Communication: Encourage an environment where players feel safe discussing their boundaries before, during, and after sessions.

  3. Adaptability: As a player or GM, be prepared to adapt and pivot if a boundary is approached or crossed. The goal is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  4. Avoiding Stigmatization: Never stigmatize or ridicule someone for their boundaries. Everyone has different comfort levels, and all should be honored equally.

  5. Regularly Review: Especially for long-term campaigns, revisit Lines and Veils periodically as comfort levels can change over time.


These tools are foundational for creating an inclusive and enjoyable role-playing experience. Sundered Hold thanks all its participants for upholding these practices and ensuring a safe space for storytelling!

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